I’m having trouble with MYFamily Protection for Android

MYFamily Protection for Android offers a wide range of options and possibilities. It is easy to manage and powerful. If you experience any issues with MYFamily Protection for Android, please read the important notices below, as well as the following basic troubleshooting steps.
Important notices
- Web browsing rules: MYFamily Protection for Android only works with the following two web browsers: Google Chrome and the Android Stock Browser. If MYFamily Protection fails to report any web activity, it might be because your child uses a different web browser (e.g., Firefox). In this case, we recommend to block the use of any other web browser. For this, please go to your Family Portal to the user's profile and to Rules > Application Rules and block any other browser used there.
- Incognito mode: Please note that our incognito blocking feature is still experimental. On Android, when incognito mode is engaged it leaves no trace for MYFamily Protection to detect it. To overcome this issue, MYFamily Protection watches the browser network activity stats, and compare them to the logs/traces that should be stored normally as users navigate the internet. When we detect network activity patterns in the browser and no logs or traces are being generated by the browser, our incognito detection technology makes a decision whether or not to block the browser from being used. This detection may take a few minutes, there’s no exact way of telling since many variables are at work. There must be some regular web activity first on the device for MYFamily Protection to be able to detect that there is activity at the network level. Please find more information about Incognito blocking on Android with MYFamily Protection and how to set it up in the “How does it work?” section.
- Time usage limits: On Android, the “lock navigation” option blocks web browsing, and the use of applications that use the internet (such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp). With the “lock device” option, the entire device will be locked, but the user will still be able to call emergency numbers (e.g., 911), trusted contacts listed in Rules > Panic Button, or the password-protected MYFamily Protection app.
- Applications rules: Note that applications will start showing up in your Family Portal in Application Rules only once they've been downloaded, installed and used at least once by the user. You can then enable application controls, allow or block specific applications and set a time limit for each application by clicking on the little clock icon next to the app you wish to limit.
- Calls and SMS: Please note that MYFamily Protection doesn't offer the option to read the content of private messages. It will only report when a message was sent or received and contact information. For more information on how to set up calls and SMS monitoring and blocking on Android go to the “How does it work?” section in this FAQ.
- Geolocation: go to the “How does it work?” section in this FAQ.
- Panic Button: go to the “How does it work?” section in this FAQ.
- Hide MYFamily Protection: To hide MYFamily Protection for Android, access your Family Portal and click on Settings > Devices. Select Edit device options and tick the Hide MYFamily Protection option. Then, eliminate the icon on the home page of the device by pressing the icon until a trash can appears in the lowest part of the device screen and drag the icon there. Note that MYFamily Protection will still appear in the running apps log of the device.
- Multi-user support: MYFamily Protection doesn't support multiple users on Android devices. However, depending on the device, you might be able to download and install a copy of MYFamily Protection for each user you want to protect.

If you experience issues with MYFamily Protection for Android, please read the following troubleshooting tips:
- Make sure you installed MYFamily Protection for Android properly. Go to the “How to Install” section in this FAQ for step-by-step instructions on how to install MYFamily Protection for Android.
- Make sure that you're using the latest version of MYFamily Protection available from the Google Play Store. For this, go to the device, and search the Google Play Store for MYFamily Protection. Click on MYFamily Protection and on "Update."
- Make sure that you're using the latest version of the Android Operating System.
- Make sure that you're using the latest version of the web browser (Google Chrome or the Android Stock Browser) available.
- To prevent kids from circumventing MYFamily Protection's protection on Android, for example by changing the date and time on the device, we recommend to set proper restrictions. For this, during the installation, please make sure to activate MYFamily Protection as “device administrator”. Next, modify MYFamily Protection's settings on the device: click on the MYFamily Protection app, then on Configure this device, and then Device Settings. Turn “ON” the first MYFamily Protection setting at the top to "Protect Android Settings."
- If you're having difficulties activating Social Monitoring, try the following steps: Go on the Android device, open the Family Portal from there. For the user in question, turn Social Monitoring OFF and then ON again. This should automatically trigger Facebook’s opening. Then visit www.facebook.com and log into Facebook as your child, or wait for them to log into www.facebook.com for the first time.

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