How to monitor and block applications with MYFamily Protection Parental Control for iPhone and iPad

If you've installed MYFamily Protection Parental Control for iPhone and iPad, please note the following:

- With MYFamily Protection for iOS, you can monitor the following (and only the following) applications: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, App Store, iTunes, Kik, Whatsapp, Netflix, and Spotify.
- Applications will start appearing in the Portal once they've been installed and used at least once by the protected user.
- You can choose to completely block the use of any of these applications. For this, go to your Portal and in the user tab, go to Rules > Application Rules and set Enable application controls as YES. Then, you can simply set to block any of the applications you want by switching the button for that app as Allow application > NO.
- You can also set a time limit for each app in your Portal in Rules > Application Rules. There, next to each iOS app, you will see a little clock with the option "Set a time limit for this app". Simply click on it and a dropdown menu will appear. You can "Click to set a time limit" and set limit of use of the app for each day of the week.
If you experience any issues, please note:
- The new iOS version of MYFamily Protection only supports iOS 7 or higher.

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