What action is required with MYFamily Protection if you update to Android 5.0 (Android Lollipop)?

The latest version of MYFamily Protection for Android officially supports Android 5.0: also known as Android L or Android Lollipop.

1. Update MYFamily Protection
In order for MYFamily Protection to work properly on Android 5.0 you must update MYFamily Protection on all Android devices running the MYFamily Protection app. You can find the latest version by searching for MYFamily Protection Google Play.

2. Change Settings
After you update the MYFamily Protection app to the latest version on an Android 5.0 device, click on the MYFamily Protection app icon, you’ll immediately see a screen where you should click on the “Activate now” link and change the settings as instructed.

3. What if I don’t see the screen in step 2?
You will not see this screen if your device is not running Android 5.0. If you are running Android 5.0 and you still don’t see the screen, you can also access this screen directly from the settings menu here: Android Settings > Security > Apps with usage access
You will see MYFamily Protection on the list of apps in this screen. Simply move the switch next to MYFamily Protection’s app to the right. If you experience any issues or need assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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