Password will always be required when uninstalling, to protect Guardy from unwanted installation.


Uninstall on Windows

Open your computer's settings and go to Application Manager or Apps and Features. Locate Family Protection in the list of programs and click "Uninstall".


Uninstall on Mac

Open the Guardy.dmg file that you downloaded when you installed the program by double-clicking it.
After double-clicking the .dmg file, you will see an application called "Uninstaller" in the folder, double-click it and follow the instructions.


Uninstall on Android

Start Guardy on your child's mobile device.
Click Uninstall the app.
A form will open to enter your My Guardy account information.
Enter your certificates in My Kaspersky account.
Click Uninstall the app.
Confirm the removal of Guardy from the unit.
The process of uninstalling Guardy from the device begins.

Uninstall on iOS

Before uninstalling Guardy, you must first remove the Guardy configuration profile if such is installed. To remove the configuration profile, you must enter the Guardy PIN or the mobiles PIN. You can find the Guardy code in the Guardy apps settings on your child's mobile device or on My Guardy.

If you do not delete the configuration profile, Guardy restrictions are not removed.

  • To view the PIN to remove the configuration profile on your child's mobile device:
    • Launch the application on your child's mobile device.
      Click> About> How to uninstall the app.
      Enter the password for your My Guardy account.
      Instructions on how to uninstall Guardy from your child's mobile device are displayed along with the code to remove the configuration profile.
  • To remove the configuration profile from your child's mobile device:
    • On the Home screen, click Settings > General> Profiles.
      Select the Guardy profile.
      Touch Delete.
      Enter the code to delete the configuration profile, if it doesn't work, try the phones normal PIN.
      The configuration profile is deleted. Now you can uninstall the Guardy app.
  • Now you can uninstall Guardy according to the following instructions:
    • Hold down the Guardy icon on the home screen until the icons start jiggling.
      Click the cross to remove the app.
      Confirm the uninstall of the app.
      Click the Home button.
      Once the app is uninstalled, the device is also automatically removed from the child's profile on My Guardy.
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