Install on Android

 Download Guardy on your child's Android by installing the app from Google Play:

  1. Search for Guardy on Google Play
  2. On the app details page, click Install.
  3. The list of permissions needed by Guardy will now appear.
  4. If you agree to grant the app these permissions, tap Install (if you choose to deny the
  5. permissions, the installation will be canceled).
  6. Guardy will now be installed on the child's device.

Once installed, it's time to configure the app, here's how:

  1. Open Guardy on your child's mobile device.
  2. The Guardy Welcome screen will open, review the app's key features and press Continue.
  3. A window of conditions opens, reviewing the legal documents. If you agree with the documents, select the corresponding check boxes (if you do not agree with the documents, close the app and do not use it).
  4. If you agree with the documents, click Confirm.
  5. Connect your device to My Guardy by logging in with your user information. The unit will be connected to My Guardy.
  6. Review the statement on data processing for marketing purposes. To accept the statement, press Accept and confirm the action. If you want to proceed with the installation without accepting the statement, press Skip. You can accept the statement later in the app settings.
  7. Please indicate that this is a child's device.
  8. Specify the child using this mobile device:
  9. Select the child from the list of children.
  10. Add a child if the child list does not include the child using this mobile device. Do the following:
  11. Click Add Child.
  12. Enter your child's information:
  13. Your child's name. This name appears when you receive alerts about your child's activity.
  14. Your child's year of birth. The child's age determines the default settings that Guardy uses to monitor your child's device.
  15. Your child's photo.
  16. Click OK.
  17. Provide advanced permissions to Guardy. *
  18. Follow the on-screen instructions to allow Guardy to access the accessibility features.
  19. Follow the onscreen instructions to allow Guardy to display screens across other apps and access system features.
    * These permissions can be requested at different stages of the configuration depending on the version of your Android operating system.
  20. Press Get started.
    * If you are configuring Guardy on a HUAWEI or XIAOMI device, turn on Guardy auto-restart after the device is turned on. How to configure automatic restart on HUAWEI devices: Open device settings. -> Go to Apps. -> Find Guardy. -> Enable the Continue running setting when the screen turns off for this app. How to configure automatic restart on XIAOMI devices: Open the Security app. -> Go to Permissions> Automatic Restart. -> Find Guardy. -> Set the Guardy button to ON.
  21. Done! Guardy is configured. Now you can give the device to your child.


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