How do I install MYFamily Protection on an Android device?


Start the installation in one of the 2 following ways:

1) Tap the ADD DEVICE tab in the Family Portal, select "Protect this device" and tap Android

2) Tap the ADD DEVICE tab in the Family Portal and select to send the installation link to an email adress you can access from you child's device, then open the email from your child's device and tap the link.


Now, follow these steps to complete the MYFamily Protection installation on your child's device:

1. Tap Download and Install MYFamily Protection on the device.

2. Open the MYFamily Protection app.

3. Tap Activate to activate the device administrator. 

4. Enter your email address and password.

5. Enter a name for the device.

6. Connect device to account and child’s account

7. Now, when the installation is complete, go to the phone's Settings > Battery > Battery Saving and turn battery saving on MYFamily Protection OFF (this step is necessary to ensure that your child's device always i protected, even in battery saving mode.

8. Done! Now MYFamily Protection is active on your child's device.


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