What happens when I set time limits with MYFamily Protection?

Time limits on Windows and Mac devices
- The lock navigation option prevents Internet access in the browser but allows offline device use.
- The lock device option prevents both online and offline device use.
Note the following important information:
- Time for both web navigation and the entire device is counted from midnight to midnight, and not from the moment when you activate the time rules.
- The user has to log off the user session or turn off the computer for time to stop counting. A simple lock of the user session will not be considered by MYFamily Protection.
- The user can click on MYFamily Protection's tray icon to see how much time is left (unless MYFamily Protection is hidden on the device).
- A 5-min notice shows up before the user account is locked. However, this notice doesn't show up if the user is doing activity in full screen mode.

Time limits on Android devices
- The lock navigation option blocks the web browser and all applications that use the internet (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp). The user will still be able to use basic device functions such as calls, text messages, the alarm clock, the music player, etc.
- The lock device option blocks the entire device. In this case, the device will be completely locked. The user will only be able to place calls to emergency numbers, or to trusted contacts as set with the Panic Button feature. The user can also access the MYFamily Protection app.
A notice is shown when the time allowance is almost reached, before locking the device, every minute, starting 5 minutes from the limit. However, this notice is not shown with the time schedule feature.

Time limits on iOS devices
MYFamily Protection for iOS (iPod, iPad, iPhone) is a bit different than MYFamily Protection for Android, Mac & Windows. It comes as a safe web browser, and will only protect and monitor web activity done through the application itself. The child must use the MYFamily Protection safe browser to browse the web, or MYFamily Protection won't be able to set time restrictions.
With MYFamily Protection for iOS, you can only set time limits for web navigation. All other time limit features are not yet supported on iOS devices.

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