How to install MYFamily Protection Parental Control on iOS?

This article explains how to install the new MYFamily Protection on an iOS device (iPod, iPhone or iPad). You can then control your child's use of the device through the Family Portal.

Important notices
- The new MYFamily Protection for iPhone, iPad and iPod is compatible with iOS 7 or higher.
- MYFamily Protection for iOS is a bit different than MYFamily Protection for Android, Mac & Windows. Some of the features available on Android, Mac or Windows are not yet available for iOS.

Before you start
- Make sure to remove any restrictions on the device. For this, go on the iOS device to Settings > General > Restrictions and select "Disable Restrictions".
- Make sure to uninstall previous MYFamily Protection profiles under Settings > General > Profiles > Delete profile > and enter the removal code provided via e-mail

How to install MYFamily Protection for iOS
1. Log in to the Family Portal with the iOS device you want to monitor, click the “Add a device” tab and select “Install on this device” and choose the operating system of the device you are using to start the download. If you want to protect a different device than the one you are using, click “Protect a different device” and fill in the email address to which you want the download link to be sent. Open the email from MYFamily Protection on the device you want to monitor and tap the download link to start the download.
2. Enter your Email and Password for your account at MYFamily Protection.
3. Choose the child profile you want to connect to the device or add a new child profile. If you add a new child profile, fill in your child’s name, birth year and gender. Select an avatar and tap Next.
4. Choose an appropriate name for your device.
Tip. Choose a name that obviously and visibly links to this specific device, such as iPhone 6S
5. Tap Install.
6. Tap Install again and then Done

7. Does the device have iOS 12 or higher? Do this to complete the installation:

7.1 Press Home button on the device

7.2 Open Settings and tap General and then Profiles

7.3 Open MYFamily Protection profile and tap Install
8. Now, make sure to activate full trust on our root certificates by following these steps:  

8.1. Access the device Settings

8.2. Tap on General, then About and Certificate Trust settings

8.3. Finally toggle on the Qustodio Service CA and Qustodio MDM Root CA

9. Done! Congratulationsm your child’s use of this iOS device will now be protected and managed using the MYFamily Protection Family Portal.

You will now receive an email from MYFamily Protection entitled Important - iOS MYFamily Protection Passcode. Please make sure to save this email as it contains key information to uninstall MYFamily Protection.

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