How to use anti-theft?

Before activating the anti-theft feature, you have to set the Anti-lost password and the Reporting Number.
After activation, you will be entitled to all anti-lost services, while non-PREMIUM Members may only use “SIM change notification", “Activate Siren" and “Remote locate". “SIM change notification " means the Anti-theft will send an SMS message to your Reporting Number when SIM card is changed to get the new number of the phone.
The following features are available by sending SMS command:
Find my phone – you can find the location of your phone through the GPS and base-station triangulation technology.
Activate Siren – you can send Alarm command to your phone remotely to spot the thief;
Lock phone remtotely – you can lock your phone remotely to prevent illegitimate use;
Remote delete – if your phone is lost, you can erase all privacy data in it remotely (including Contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc).
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    Jovana Milosevic

    I think you guys should bring up this error into this question. How do I put/turn MYAndroid Protection app to device manager? And also, how do I make MYAndroid Protection app also standard/default on a Samsung Galaxy S5? Thanks in advance! :-)

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