Is K-Chiing a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

Yes – the technical term for K-Chiing is a VPN – a Virtual Private Network. Most large companies have a VPN which is supported by their IT departments to protect corporate communications. K-Chiing provides the same capability for individuals, business travellers, and small and medium sized enterprises.

A VPN secures and privatises data across a network, usually the Internet, by building an “encrypted tunnel.” Data passes through this tunnel which protects it from anyone who tries to intercept it. Even if the data is intercepted, it is hopelessly scrambled and useless to anyone without the key to decrypt it.

Your protection and privacy is not limited to just browsing. K-Chiing 's VPN service encrypts all your Internet data to and from our VPN gateways, including instant messaging, streaming, VoIP, and email.

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