Why and how does Guardy use Android's “Accessibility” setting?

The Android “accessibility” setting allows an app to read the content on the screen of an Android device and interact with it. Accessibility is used by Guardy to provide safe and supervised access to web content, search activity and app usage on Android according to each user’s access needs or limitations.

Guardy uses accessibility so that users with different levels of behavioral needs such as kids, teens and adults with disabilities such as learning disabilities, autism or addiction disorders, can set appropriate levels of access to web content and apps on this device in order to limit their risks and remain accountable.

If accessibility is turned ON, Guardy will be able to monitor browser content and app time usage on this device. It can also be used to block access to inappropriate content or uninstallation.

If accessibility is turned OFF, all monitoring will be disabled and no safe access settings on this device will be enforced. The device will have unrestricted access to the internet, including access to potentially inappropriate content. No usage activity will be reported to Guardy and no protection will be offered against Guardy being uninstalled by this device user.

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